The ACCESS Difference

What Makes ACCESS Different?

1. QOC Metrics. Whether for network development or market positioning, quality is front and center in healthcare. ACCESS’ provider positioning and network development criterion is based on Quality-Outcome-Cost metrics, not the greatest savings, allowing those seeking to expand their network internationally or find care internationally to make their decisions with confidence.

2. Marketing Promises: Operations Deliver. ACCESS knows that compared to providing a great patient experience, an advertisement is a weak proposition for boosting sales. ACCESS understands this deep link between marketing and operations and has an integrated platform to ensure the two are cohesive, enabling those seeking international patients to stretch their marketing dollars to the further.

3. Trust, Educate & Advocate. Our focus is patient-centric and we work with our clients to ensure their operations are too. Whether developing or improving case management processes, or working with payers to develop platforms to integrate a medical travel program into their healthcare plan, the fundamental pillars are the same, build a trusting relationship with the patient, educate the patient on their options, and advocate on the patient’s behalf.

4. Collaborative Approach. Bringing together experts from different areas of the sector, allows for an integrated, collaborative approach that creates solutions that work from every angle.

5. Hands on Experience. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your operations, or expand into new markets, ACCESS has the know-how and experience to get you there.