About Us

ACCESS Global Healthcare (ACCESS) is an independent consulting group focused on the international healthcare market and built upon hands on sector experience. ACCESS was founded by Helen K. Cosburn, who has nearly a decade of global healthcare experience ranging from hospital administration, global patient management, operations consulting to industry consultant and strategist. From her experience across the industry it became apparent that there was a disconnect between patient expectations and provider services. Helen saw this opportunity and created ACCESS Global Healthcare which serves to bridge the gap between global patients and providers.

ACCESS consulting areas span business development and operational consulting with a high focus on patient/client services including case management with high inquiry-patient conversions and creating optimal patient experiences. All consulting efforts are driven by the core principle ‘marketing promises: operations deliver’, which reminds us every day that without a strong operational and service foundation no amount of marketing will lead to success. At ACCESS we believe that strong operations, customer service and patient experiences are the essential for growth and positive patient experiences are the best form of marketing. Learn more about ACCESS Consulting Services.

ACCESS Global Healthcare has advised an array of organizations on the Canadian market including numerous hospitals, both US and international, Caribbean Export, The Trade Facilitation Office of Canada (TFO), Brazil Health – a national medical tourism platform in Brazil, and insurance industry players such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida’s international program.