ACCESS Medical Team

Dr. Ves Gitchev, MD, Chief Medical Consultant

Ves Gitchev, MD is the Chief Medical Consultant for ACCESS Global Healthcare. Dr. Gitchev brings 14 years of healthcare industry experience to the ACCESS consulting team bringing his clinical insight to strategy, operations and quality related projects. Dr. Gitchev has extensive experience across the healthcare and clinical research sectors including vast knowledge of the U.S. and Global Healthcare Market and the influence that Insurance Carriers, Employers, Providers and the Pharmaceutical Industry have on the Global Marketplace. Dr. Gitchev is an active member of the global healthcare industry, and places a strong focus to quality outcomes and patient care.

Dr. Gitchev’s unique skill set is a blend of healthcare expertise and business acumen, cross-cultural background and strong core values. In addition to his medical and military training, Dr. Gitchev is a respected humanitarian and philanthropist. He has developed, implemented and advanced a number of initiatives in the areas of clinical research and international healthcare. Dr. Gitchev’s commitment to patient safety and industry regulation culminated in a joint project with the WHO set to provide unified set quality and safety standards for all international healthcare providers.

Dr. Gitchev’s work experience started as a Regional Director for the Florida market for nationwide research organization where he began shortly after graduating from Medical School with Magna Cum Laude. With his extensive FDA approved Pharmaceutical research expertise, Dr. Gitchev was a founder and Director of WMP Clinical Research. He was also the former Executive Director of Worldwide Medical Partners, and active contributor for WMCP, an international TPA organization with presence throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and the Sr. Medical Advisor for Phoenix Healthcare Foundation.

In his years of dealing with healthcare stakeholders,  pharmaceutical sponsors, government officials and leading scientists and physicians, Dr. Gitchev has successfully utilized  his skills for Business Development, Team and Project Management, Client Relations, Budget and Contract Negotiations, Markets Selection, Provider Evaluation and Selection, Data  and Cost Analysis, Strategic Planning and Patient Safety. For his passion and commitment to the further development of the international healthcare market, Dr. Gitchev has received many notable recognitions including those by ExecDigital magazine and America Economia.

Ingrid van ‘t Hof, RN

Ingrid van ‘t Hof is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in the US, Europe and the Caribbean giving her a true global perspective on healthcare which she brings to the ACCESS consulting team. Ingrid has had extensive experience across medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, program implementation, training, and change management.

Ingrid is a Registered Nurse in the United States, having worked in 3 states, as well as in the Netherlands. As a certified case manager and certified rehabilitation counselor, Ingrid worked for almost 15 years as a senior case manager in the US, with different managed care companies and health insurance companies.

Ingrid also worked in the Netherlands as an independent consultant focusing on change management, coaching and consulting to various healthcare organizations across the public and private sectors. Recently, Ingrid was a senior consultant to a large US insurer as they explored opportunities for medical tourism, advising on market strategy and operations based on her combined clinical and strategic expertise.

Ingrid has hosted many educational sessions, and authored several publications across case management and change management in the healthcare sector. As she remains committed to making a difference, Ingrid continues to pursue projects that allow her to help individuals return to living their life to the fullest. In her consulting role with ACCESS, Ingrid now brings this same energy and applies her experience in change management and industry experience to ACCESS’ corporate clients