Helen K. Cosburn

Helen K. Cosburn possesses a wealth of global health expertise gathered from a decade of global healthcare experience ranging from hospital administration, global patient management, and operations consulting to industry consultant and strategist. From her experience across the industry it became evident there was a disconnect between patient and consumer expectations and provider offerings.  Helen saw this opportunity and created ACCESS Global Healthcare which serves to bridge the gap between global patients and providers.

Helen consults in four key areas: strategy, patient management, policy development and data analytics for outcomes. Helen has worked within the healthcare systems in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean region and had the opportunity to visit and work with close to one hundred hospitals in nearly 30 countries, across 5 continents giving her a truly global perspective on international healthcare. She works with governments and providers to develop strategies and services for international programs and with payers who want to explore, conduct due diligence and develop an international referral program.

 She has authored multiple articles for the medical travel industry based on her experience within the international travel for treatment and health insurance industry from guidelines for operational case management and quality indicators in international healthcare delivery to recommendations for the development of global healthcare platforms in small states and cases studies on the portability of healthcare.  Helen has also written clinically based pieces on medical procedures, analyzing risk vs. benefit of treatments as well as viewpoint pieces about the challenges facing healthcare systems and delivery today.

 Helen is a respected member of the growing international healthcare industry and is in wide demand as a speaker on international platforms, case management, and the Canadian market at industry events and participant in policy and strategy meetings.   Helen has advised an array of organizations including numerous hospitals around the world, governments, private sector stakeholders, export organizations and major U.S. insurers. Helen is an advocate for patient safety and quality control, an extension of her educational background in Microbiology. In her spare time, Helen is an avid volunteer and has received a life time achievement award for 20 years of volunteering in her community.