ACCESS Around the World

Helen K. Cosburn will speak at the 4th Annual International Summit for Medical Tourism Business in Mexico in October 2013.

Helen K. Cosburn invited to take part in a pilot health education project promoting diabetes prevention and education to ethnically diverse communities in Canada.

ACCESS consultant, Ingrid van ‘t Hof, RN, visits medical and dental facilities in Colombia.

Helen K. Cosburn visits Doctors Hospital and the newly opened Bahamas Medical Center in Nassau, Bahamas in February 2013.

Helen K. Cosburn participates as a delegate to the Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo and to visit hospitals in November 2012.

ACCESS meets with clients and industry stakeholders in October 2012 in Miami, a world leader in international healthcare.

Helen K. Cosburn speaks at the Experts Meeting of the Development Benefits and Costs of Migration in Small States hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Shridath Ramphal Centre in Kingston, Jamaica July 2012.

Representing the Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada, Helen K. Cosburn speaks on “Exporting to Canada as a Medical Tourism Market” to key stakeholders across Costa Rica.

ACCESS expands it’s positional reach, and welcomes Curacao based, US and EU Nurse Ingrid van ‘t Hof to our team of consultants.

ACCESS gives back by supporting the global movement against men’s cancers by supporting Movember in Toronto.

ACCESS takes the Caribbean; visiting with clients and industry stakeholders in a visit to 5 Caribbean islands  in Nov. 2011.

ACCESS supports development of new global healthcare programs in South America, Fall 2011.

ACCESS crosses the ocean to Atlantic to visit with Hospitals and industry stakeholders in Israel, Sept. 2011.

ACCESS is back in Florida taking the role of industry expert and advising payers on opportunities in the growing market place.

ACCESS meets with industry stake holders in Miami, the travel for treatment capital of North America. June 2011.

ACCESS gives back and helps to send another Canadian abroad for life changing medical treatment.

ACCESS attends the Self-Insured Institute of America conference in June 2011, with a strong focus on medical travel and international healthcare.

ACCESS visits Leading Hospitals in Singapore. April 2011. Advanced, high level patient care with outcomes that comes that are globally competitive. Singapore offers top quality medicine.

ACCESS visits Japan and attends the International Symposium on Heavy Ion Radiotherapy and Advanced Technology, Jan. 2011. This is the future of cancer care!

ACCESS in South Korea. Dec. 2010. After surgery quality of life advancements with new laparoscopic surgical techniques.

ACCESS consultants, Helen K. Cosburn and Dr. Ves Gitchev meet with stakeholders of an international healthcare cluster in Brazil.

Helen K. Cosburn meets with cluster stake holders and visits providers in Mexico.

ACCESS makes repeat visits to healthcare providers across three cities in Colombia.

ACCESS President, Helen K. Cosburn, presents on global healthcare to the Prime Minister of St. Lucia.

ACCESS President, Helen K. Cosburn, leads fundraiser to raise funds for Canadians traveling out of country for treatment, helping two women regain their lives.

ACCESS visits 4 Caribbean countries in a 8-day visit.

Helen K. Cosburn, speaker at World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, in Los Angeles.

Helen K. Cosburn visits popular heath tourism destinations in Latin America - Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama.

Helen K. Cosburn speaks about health tourism at a Caribbean Export conference on key sectors in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.

ACCESS in visits new healthcare providers across the border in Mexico.

Helen K. Cosburn is invited to visit Jordan and learns why Jordanian hospitals are leading the way in regional healthcare.